Affordable Prices for Virtual Projection Technology

Yes really! Our range of holo projection rooms deliver maximal flexibility & affordability. That’s the whole point. Be it a single projector holowall or a fully immersive holospace.

High-value ROI- Expands With Emerging Technologies

Affordable, accessible, agile. We understand how powerful immersion is, it’s what makes us human, being immersed in our own little worlds & experiences. We want to ensure as many users as possible get to engage more deeply with their digital assets.

The best way to get started


  • Unlimited use of SDK
  • Developer-mode
  • Access to resources
  • User manual
  • Networking events
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Feel, engage & explore


  • Up-to 4 projectors
  • Media Processor
  • 24h Support
  • Free content trial
  • holoroom or holospace
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Single or multi-holospaces


  • Content Management
  • 3-hours of Support/mo
  • Free 7-day Trial
  • Account Manager
  • Unlimited Expansion
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Tests & Events
Engage & learn


  • 10-1000 capacity
  • Large Event Domes
  • Cube & Cylinders
  • Custom Projection Mapping
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holospatial also delivers

Immersive Working

Life is all about immersion. Working immersively means we don’t have to try so hard, we don’t lose focus so much and we can be far more productive.

Spatial Understanding

Our brains are 3D spatial machines. So by understanding a 3D space, we remember information more deeply through muscle-memory & using our senses.

Engaging Experiences

Meaning your people can experience a design, a project, a training-day, an inspection or review. Immersion in the workplace is game-changing for engaging minds.


Save expenses, save travelling, save time & emissions. Remote view locations, remote monitor projects, remote control devices & communicate in full 360° live.

Equal Delivery

We all use our senses & the more immersed we are in what we are doing the better we do it, the more we enjoy it. Using senses delivers equality for all users understanding.

High ROI

holospatial is designed to deliver a new age of immersive projection environments. Affordable, no servicing fees, user-management & developable for your future needs.

Questions about cost

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Pay For holospatial?

Most often holospaces are purchased as full packages, customised to your space, specification & the needs of your people. You can pay in full up-front or you can split the cost over 12-months.

How Do I Maintain My holospace?

Your holospace maintains itself. Our clients told us they don’t want costly service fees, yearly maintenance or development costs- because that only works for the supplier. holospatial is maintenance free.

Is It Expensive To Create A Customised Training Environment?

When we started our own immersive journey- content was extortionate. VR has changed the field, content is no more expensive than video production- of course this varies but we can help you find the right partner- and we are always here for advice.

Can I Spread The Cost of a holospace?

By all means, if you have a plan let us know, whether you’re integrating one or more than one holospace then we’ll create a package to suit your budget & technological requirements.

What’s The Expected ROI?

The ROI tends to be respective- larger networks benefit greatly from remote capabilities whilst smaller organisations gain high ROI often through training deliverables, safety & risk mitigation. We most often see a solid ROI within 12-18-months- sometimes sooner.

What’s A Good Comparison?

CAVE systems use uber-heavy equipment lists. We don’t. holospatial maximises functionality & spend. Holospatial is equivalent to the set-up of approximately 5x VR headset stations, or 1x LED video wall.