Up-to 360° Simulation Environments

Simulate, Train & Mitigate Risk.
Experience Data Through 3D Spatial Projection.

Utilising immersive projection tends to have a stigma. holospatial is not the norm. It isn’t an impractical CAVE-style. It isn’t a six-figure cost. It’s an accessible way to engage with highly immersive content.

360° Project Your Project

Simulating scenarios, training situations & visualising a project through simulation are growingly popular routes to engaging clients, stakeholders & teams. With limitless expansion & low-cost content creation, holospatial enables simulation that doesn’t cost more than the real thing.

360 projection simulation domes immersive rooms

01. Highly Engaging

Increased brain & sensory activity, by fully immersive your users in your subject to create real muscle memory.

02. Spatially Projected

Spatial is key- natural 3D. Virtual data in your physical world so you can focus with senses & without effort

03. VR Together

VR being solitary reduces the social & collaborative engagement. holospatial 3D projection is the best of both

full 360 virtual simulation

We Work Better When We Are Immersed In What We Are Doing

It’s critical to increasing levels of engagement. It’s ultimately the measure of how engaged we are- no matter what we are doing. By bringing immersion into the workplace, employees can focus, can experience, but they can also take a break from their desktop routine by meeting with others & planning projects in a 360° environment.

Simulate Scenarios or Change Your Setting

With VR & the cost-effective creation of content simulation has never been so accessible. With holospatial you can deliver in HMD or open out the virtual experience with a shareable immersive projection environment. We also have high experience in AR deliverables & custom AR sandboxes. We are flexible & support you in empowering your operation with advanced immersive capabilities- from one powerful platform.

360 meeting immersive room simulation

Engage with your virtual content & digital assets in your 3D reality today with holospatial