Why Aren't We Programming in VR? Or Are We? Or should we? Is The Future Projection?

Well in a lot of terms we are, but it is extremely experimental and currently individual. Perhaps a shared experience, a projected experience could be the immersive gateway. Elongated periods in the headset don't bode well, period.

It's an inevitable evolution however, a future projection that in time, we will progress to deeper and deeper virtual interactions the perks are there, the benefits are overwhelming but at current times so too is the biological feedback which causes side-effects and reasons to avoid. Is shared projection technology the answer? We'll let you decide.

Immersive Sports Events & Projecting Virtual Perspectives Commercially

Imagine you’re spectating a typical sporting match. You hear the noise of the crowd. You smell the freshly-cut grass. You watch over an all-encompassing view of the action. You are fully immersed in the world of sport, and that is all thanks to your senses being stimulated at once in a single space.

With our technology, we can recreate this experience and offer it to fans even among a pandemic. So for the first time ever, they can feel like they're really sitting in the stands, even when they aren't physically there.

Live the game

Football fans can get the best views of all the action on the pitch - with 360 degree cameras capturing the event, fans never have to miss a moment a traditional camera might.

From Olympics athletic tracks to the Grand Prix racecourse, entire races and matches come to life through the power of VR, not just snippets. Fans who particularly want to root on their favourite athletes can focus on what they want to see, not what the camera crew wants!

Get involved!

Thanks to virtual reality portals, sports fans can feel even more involved with their favourite teams than ever before, without having to be there with them physically.

Maybe your portal can walk them through the training ground. Or maybe even let them hear the pre-match pep talks in advance. The portal is the golden opportunity to offer them much more than a television broadcast ever could!


Naturally, with lockdowns and social distancing enforced the world over, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it impossible for many sports fans from around the world to attend the tournaments and matches they were most looking forward to.

However, the show must go on. Most of those widely anticipated matches still happen, albeit behind closed arena doors. That doesn't mean fans have to miss out, though. Because many of our portals are wide and spacious inside, fans can still experience their favourite sporting events in panoramic view together, all while socially distanced.

Immersive Rooms, Education & Revolutionising The Classroom & Workspace

Students, especially younger ones, can be very difficult for teachers to occupy in the classroom. Long lectures can leave them fidgeting at their desks and yawning through entire presentations, leaving the classroom with nothing having really sunk in. But what if there was a solution to make learning more engaging and easier to digest?

Used alongside traditional teaching methods, this article will describe just some of the ways spatial reality solutions will completely change the way you teach your students.

Make complicated ideas seem easy in full 360

The immersive, interactive nature of spatial reality portals visualises information in a whole new way, which traditional computer setups can’t even come close to. It can make even the most difficult ideas to explain, make complete sense! Chemistry becomes easier when you can hold a molecule and see how its bonds are created. Fractions become easier when you can interact with pie charts and graphs to understand their value.

A teacher could walk their students through Ancient Rome and explain how the Roman Empire traded with other countries using the Mediterranean Sea. With a portal, a student could explore trading routes from a ship's deck, and then return to the classroom and explain why a port would be an important trading hub not just in Ancient Rome, but in the modern day as well.

Feed their curiosity with immersive rooms

As we well know, children tend to be visual learners. They learn best when material is presented in a way that appeals to their senses. And when learning material is presented to them in a truly stimulating yet fun environment, they are more likely to want to learn. Spatial reality offers that opportunity for students to explore their subjects in a hands-on, visual way,

We learn best through experience projection

When things make sense to you, they stick. Not only would spatial reality make learning all the more engaging for even the least motivated students, but several studies have actually demonstrated that people generally memorise virtual reality applications better than environments merely presented through a traditional, two-dimensional medium.

A student who learns the fundamentals of human anatomy by observing detailed graphics in an immersive 360-degree experience will most likely score higher on an exam than one of the same academic level who reads about it in a textbook.

Touring Immersively- How VR Technology Will Traverse Our Travel Plans

Tourism has for a long time been one of the most advanced industries in terms of technology. But how does its future look when we can transport people anywhere in the world instantly?

We believe that VR is going to have a big impact on tourism and that spatial reality portals can play an important part in this transition. With spatial portals you can walk through a historical recreation of King Tut’s tomb or visit the Great Wall of China with your whole family as if you were really there. You won't need to book a plane ticket or worry about tickets, baggage fees or missing out on the best photo spots.

Take a virtual holiday

Obviously, COVID-19 has put a dampener on virtually everyone wanting to take a trip abroad this past summer. But who says it means you have to miss out on the experience?

We have big visions for what portals for tourism and hospitality can look in the future: for example, what if you could really feel like you’re staying in a hot country when your virtual environment is complete with temperature and airflow control for climate simulation?

Hotel tasters

Hotels 360 VR, 360 video Virtual Tour for hotel - Holiday Inn Express Adelaide

Want to get a feel of the hotel you’re thinking of staying at? Two-dimensional pictures on a website or in a travel review can only give you so much of the picture.

Holiday Inn Express in Australia have produced a 360-degree video where viewers can look around the rooms and services of their accommodation, with commentary on key features.

Now just imagine how engaging a virtual hotel tour in a spatial portal could be…

Virtual tours

Have you ever used Google Maps to look up new and familiar places? Have you ever found yourself struggling to picture where places are in your mind’s eye, and relied on good old Street View to give you a helping hand? Well, imagine if we had something like that for tourist destinations we can’t easily navigate with Google Maps...

Several tourist spots have already started offering potential visitors virtual 360° tours, where they could navigate at their own pace, including the Vatican Museum, the National Gallery in London and even Barcelona beaches (I’m not too sure about being able to swim in the virtual sea, though).

Bring it all in at once

At the ITB Berlin conference in 2015, German airline Lufthansa offered visitors a unique 360° experience through virtual reality at their exhibition that really summed up what a holiday was all about without having to book one! Users were taken on a journey from being on a Lufthansa plane where they could interact with a flight attendant and virtual objects, to their destination - relaxing on a tranquil San Francisco beach.

Towards the end of the experience, everyone who took part received a physical postcard, which they could actually send to loved ones around the world!

Our Spaces: The Projection Basics & 360 The Virtual Opportunities

Visualise, communicate and interact

With our portals, you can

Interactive 360

We believe a VR experience should be every bit as personal and involving as it is captivating. From touchscreens to mini digitally-connected whiteboards for everyone, we offer various ways for you and your users to control your content, and make everyone’s experience that little more personal and involving.

Panoramic Projection

Say goodbye to blending and warping. Our simple, continuous displays are designed specially for large, indoor spaces for a variety of use types. Plus, we use cameras that are automatically programmed to your choice of setup.

Lightweight Immersion

No need to bother with lifting heavy equipment or splashing out on costly trussing systems. We mount our projectors on the screen itself so you can maximise your space and enjoy 360° vision in your portal projection environment straightaway.

Virtual Projection In Realtime

Whether you are checking out a site, observing one, or simulating it, our interactive Google-based explorer allows you to travel and annotate anywhere.

Simply Immersive

We make our portals to last and to develop with existing audiovisual content and technologies. Here’s how it works:

  1. You capture the 360 footage or provide your media.
  2. We process your content to make sure it's Portal-ready.
  3. The PortalPlayer then converts and runs the media all for you

And that’s all there is to it!

Custom 360 Experiences

Most importantly, we build our solutions to suit you. As well as our predefined packages, we also offer custom systems. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Customised to suit you

We believe setting up a Holospace with us should be a very simple process. You choose the environment size (whether it’s humanscale or roomscale), shape and location, and we apply the system and develop your personal version of the Holospatial VR platform to integrate your content into.

Can’t find a package that quite fits your needs? We also offer custom solutions which we can tailor exactly to your needs; feel free to contact us for more information!