You are a walking conscious 3-dimensional sensor

Visualisation Increases Understanding & Efficiencies

And that’s not a coincidence. It’s how 83% of our sensory input is perceived. We perceive in 3D, spatially & that is what Holospatial enables you to do with the freedom to adapt, transfer & create content.

Step Into Your Project Before It Becomes Reality

3D visualisation is a powerful tool. It’s a natural delivery of information & can make the difference between in memorization, reviewing data accurately, clinching a client or upskilling.

360 projection site review immersive visualisation shared vr

01. Highly Engaging

Increased brain & sensory activity, by fully immersing your users in their subject via 3D projection technology.

02. Spatially Projected

Spatial is key- natural 3D. Virtual data in your physical world so you can focus with senses & without effort

03. VR Together

VR being solitary reduces the social & collaborative engagement. holospatial 3D projection is the best of both

With Immersion In Toe- We Can Work Faster & Efficiently Through Sensory Perception

This increase your engagement in your work. Allows you to collaborate from within your project & in full 360° you can see everything at once & ensure that everyone understands from an equal, immersive perspective.

3D Visualisations Projecting True-to-life Imagery Into Your Surroundings

There’s no need to get lost in a headset, in an individualised confinement. They can run alongside holospaces because holospatial is designed to work in concurrence with other emerging & complimentary display technologies to give you maximal output, usability & flexible deliveries.

3D data visualisation 180 cylinder

Visualise your assets, understand them more deeply & don’t miss a detail with full 360° projection