You Use your spatial skills everyday

Discover The Spatial Way To Interact With Immersive Content

You can share a perspective, you can walk into a virtual scenario with your team to experience your information, connect locations or train- with a spatial understanding.

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holospatial Platform

The platform, the core, the basis to building a shareable, dynamic and interactive world between VR & your 2D display. An all-in-one virtual projection solution.


Whilst the holospatial platform is the enabler. We most often deliver all the hardware you need too. At affordable pricing or fully immersive turnkey packages.

Immersive Integration

With over 10-years immersive experience, we can help you kit your team out for your immersive deliverables. From headsets, to mobile AR.

Utilise Existing Workspaces or Make Meeting Rooms Immersive

Your 3D blank canvas that brings immersion into the workplace is increasingly popular to make a more effective, experiential & collaborative working experience. Your holospace can be anywhere whether your remotely visiting a site, exploring a BIM visualisation or simulating scenarios for your people.


The holowall is a projection technique centrifugally focused on one wall. It has all the functionality of a holospace with full 360-view, but this is concentrated onto one large interactive projection screen.

holowall scaled 3d youtube projection software

Wander your way into a holospace near you

holospace inerior 360 projection software


holospace is exactly that. It’s a 3D visualisation projected into the space or room around you. They can be independent structures but most often are integrated directly into your existing infrastructure, so you only need a small projection kit list to turn your white workspace into an immersive tool.

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