From Full 360° Domes To Curvaceous Cylinders & The Four Cube Walls Which Surround Us

holospatial can turn any space into in a totally immersive facility. It’s flexible & built by & for our users. There is no expensive servicing or update fees- because it’s that easy to use.


White walls are our favourite space to work with, because everyone has them. Ready-to-immerse assets. Mobile spaces use high-span, light-weight canvas.


Specially chosen HD & laser variations. Most holospaces use 3 or 4 but there is no upper limit to what can be achieved. Some installs can use over 10!


Designed by us, produced in-house. The holoplayer delivers extreme computing power that is built to grow with your technological needs.


10% of your sensory input. It’s key to immerse. So directional sound is integrated as standard so that your audio can direct your users attention.


User-friendly UI, with in-built content libraries, user management & remote desktop. Control is key, so we use custom handheld devices to make it pracitical & inclusive.


Starting with the exterior we have a range of finishes available, as does your user dashboard. Adding content is as simple as drag & drop.

Change The Game

Digital-worlds are expanding. How we interact with them is not built for our 3D brains. Change the record, evolve how you engage

Lead The Way

Immersion is rapidly growing, lead the way, cut-the-edge & utilise virtual technology in spatial 3D with your clients, teams & stakeholders

Immerse Your Folk

Evolve your flat processes, immerse your workflows & engage your people with tools made for their 3D senses

Spatial Projection For All

The entire system & package was curated on the basis of eliminating the huge expense & impractical nature of Custom Audio Visual Environments (CAVEs). That’s why holospatial was created, to change the game & deliver a system that is accessible & usable by all- not just 6-figure simulations.

1 System. Unlimited Growth.

No hidden fees. Just 360° virtual projection technology delivered simply in your environment.

01. Select Your Space

Deciding your space, room, wall or where your holospace will be used is the basis to your system. Then, we’ll send you a virtual configuration.

02. Define Your Content

Existing content can be deployed & there is also a range of in-built applications to help you get started in a 3D 360° reality.

03. High-value Strategy

By keeping system to an actual, valuable price-point we enable you to purpose your budget & reduce future expenses. Ask us for more details.