Experiences are made together

Immersion deciphers our level of experience. Share VR with others.

Using immersive projection environments, you can ensure that your experience hits the spot. Whether it’s a one-off installation or a rolling tour ensure your stakeholders are immersed- together.

360° Project Your Project

Transferring information can be well, wordy & if not wordy it tends to be quite flat. With shared VR projections,
you are able to engage people together, no solitary confinements, no wires, no feeling silly, eye-strained or dazed.

01. Highly Engaging

Increased brain & sensory activity, by fully immersive your users in your subject

02. Spatially Projected

Spatial is key- natural 3D. Virtual data in your physical world so you can focus with senses & without effort

03. VR Together

VR being solitary reduces the social & collaborative engagement. holospatial 3D projection is the best of both

We Work Better When We Are Immersed In What We Are Doing

It’s critical to increasing levels of engagement. It’s ultimately the measure of how engaged we are- no matter what we are doing. By bringing immersion into the workplace, employees can focus, can experience, but they can also take a break from their desktop routine by meeting with others & planning projects in a 360° environment.

Gain Spatial Presence- Without Being There

Remote training, remote viewing, remote control. Spatial projection technology takes the strain away from headset connections. Most commonly clients combine technologies throughout their networks so not to be overly dependent on either & leverage the best of both worlds. Different visual deliveries, that offer access to virtual worlds through either spatial or HMD vision.

Enjoy virtual content & digital assets in your 3D reality today with holospatial.