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Full 360°

Projection Domes

Domes are often used for one-off experiences, exhibitions or displays. They can also be adapted for permanent installation using our bespoke non-geodesic structures.

1-2-3 OR 6-SIDED

Simulation Cubes

Classically known as CAVEs, Holospatial refreshes the space from its’ expensive past & impractical outdated technology creating a new evolution of virtual projection cube environments.
cylinder projection live 360 communications


Wrap-around Cylinders

Projection cylinders are a classic form for projection. It’s essentially a panoramic display that wraps totally around your peripheral. From 180° to full 360° expanses.


Holospatial does the work

Roomscale virtual spaces are our most popular with growing demand for immersive workspaces based on evolving existing AV meeting rooms- but we are creators & can assist you with any custom walls or collaborative ideas.

Ready to open up your hollow spaces?

Holospatial immersive projection rooms are designed for user-control, accessibility & developing with your virtual content, teams & organisational needs. You can purchase outright, hire or start a trial to digitise the spaces you don't use- or perhaps don't use enough.
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Our Testimonials

I can’t recommend Holospatial enough, they’re service and displays bring true value to the workspace, we use it for testing/reviewing CG content and we’ve just started using it to deliver and demo to current and future clients too.


The holoroom delivers cognitive simulations to our sports clubs and athlete clients, Holospatials’ support has been unreserved and they have enabled us to develop new products through immersive applications to test users responses, reactions, focus and attention on a regular basis by coming to utilise the holoroom.


We love working with the team at Holospatial, they’re genuinely interested in delivering successful immersion and we are very grateful for their support. The holoroom is used to improve the capability of our meeting space and now we all look forward to our meetings to see what they will bring. Thank you!


I’ve delivered a number of holorooms to my clients, as an independent business developer it is a wonderful tool in my armoury that brings multiple benefits but mainly it helps teams change how they perceive their work and how they collaborate.


Frequently Asked Questions

What can be projected?

You can project any immersive VR, 360 or virtual content such as games & computer generated scenarios. Beyond this Holospatial has a variety of tools to allow you to bring any content into the mix- from BIMs to product schematics for review & assessment.
You can even use normal HD streams combined to bring multiple data-feeds at once.

Can Holospatial work with other technologies?

Holospatial is designed for compatibility with content, devices & emerging technologies too. Speak to our team to learn more.

How does Holospatial work with my apps?

Holospatial utilises it’s custom formatting process to deliver your application in a 3D spatial environment. It’s extremely flexible & loves a challenge.

It’s essentially a 3D room-sized bridge between a VR headset & a screen.

How does Holospatial work?

Well it’s not magic, but it has been in development for over 4-years after we heard from our clients what they need & utilised their feedback to create holospatial.
It works by processing a set space & calibrating in real-time inputs. It’s a walk-in screen with 3D capability & future-proofed computing power that’s designed to grow & work with your team.

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